Adapt plugin Checklist 2024
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The Adapt Plugin Checklist, our resource which provides our curation of our favourite plugins available in the latest version of Adapt, has just had its 2024 update.

What's it all about?

Adapt's plugin architecture means that any developer can create a plugin to use in a plugin. Many developers also choose to share the plugin, as open-source plugins, which can use and download for their own projects. This collaborative, positive-sum game means that as a community, we can all work together on new innovative plugins, which add new features to Adapt.

While you can discover these plugins by browsing through the Plugin Browser or searching on Github, if you're new to Adapt and less technically skilled this might be a hard job to do for a number of reasons -

  • Since anyone can publish a plugin, there can be a large variety of quality control. It's hard to determine how 'good' a plugin is (mobile responsive support, lack of bugs, useful functionality etc.), just from the name and a brief description.
  • Many plugins may have been created for an older version of Adapt and may not work in the latest Adapt versions.
  • Github development means that the best work often happens on separate branches or forks, so you'll need to change to the best one to get the best code.

This resource, originally created back in 2018, was created to make the task of identifying the best plugins easier for the average Adapt team/developer.

Finally, the term 'plugin' usually incorporates components, extensions, menus and themes. Since you can only have one menu and one theme per course, we decided that this resource will only focus on components and extensions.

What are the changes in this latest version?

Added plugins created by Ignacio Cinalli

Ignacio Cinalli, is a developer who works for Kineo Argentina. Over the last two years he has been working tirelessly on creating (and freely sharing) a number of great plugins. We've included several of them here, but you can see what else he's created on his Github account. Thanks for all your hard work Ignacio!

Added a 'advanced' section

We've found that when introducing this checklist to users that certain plugins such as the Charts component, are significantly more difficult to use. Reasons for plugins being added to this section could be due to them either being complicated to use, or requiring knowledge of JSON.

Updated ownership/prefered forks

As mentioned above, some developers inherit projects which go stale and their version may be the more feature rich or bug free version of the plugin. I've made some changes to account for the best version of each plugin.

Our recommended plugins are available as a free download to those who have created an account on our website.

You can create an account by using this link.