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Simon Date

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I've been using and lovin' Adapt for over 6 years. I've helped 25+ teams to create great e-learning content with Adapt through Adapt Freelancer. I also provide Adapt hosting through Adapt Unlimited.

Production Authoring Tools (Ft. Caleb Foster)

In this episode of The Adapt Tips Podcast, Chuck and Simon talk to Caleb Foster from Mindboost Learning about how they use and manage multiple Adapt Authoring Tools in their production lifecycle. We discuss the benefits of having multiple authoring tools for different stages of production, from a development environment

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  Updated at  12 May, 2022
Creating Plugins

In this episode of The Adapt Tips Podcast, Chuck and Simon talk about the process of creating plugins in Adapt. They cover different types of plugin development plugins including creating components, extensions, themes and menus. They discuss design considerations and how they approach plugin creation projects that they take on

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  Updated at  11 Feb, 2022

In this episode of the Podcast, we talk about the open-source movement and how it relates to Adapt. Open-source is a term that encapsulates licences that allow users to freely use, change and distribute the changes. Adapt uses the GPLv3 licence which grants these freedoms. Chuck and Simon discuss the

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  Updated at  15 Dec, 2021
Adding Font Awesome to a theme

Font Awesome is a font and icon toolkit used to add icons to a web project. It's used on hundreds of thousands of sites. It's even the icon pack of choice for the Adapt Authoring Tool Some clients may be interested in an Adapt theme that uses these icons, rather

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  Updated at  05 Nov, 2021
Accessibility (Ft. Ollie Foster)

In this episode of the Podcast, we've invited Ollie Foster from Kineo to talk about Accessibility in Adapt. Accessibility is an often blanket term used so during this episode we dive into some of the specific needs of learners that benefit from these elements and how Adapt has managed to

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  Updated at  29 Oct, 2021
Just In Time learning (Ft. Aaron Murray)

In this episode of the Podcast, we've invited Aaron Murray from Ken Cook to talk about what he coins "Just In Time" learning. Ken Cook uses Adapt to create learning which is designed to be taken at the point of need. Whether it's on the shop floor with QR codes

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  Updated at  14 Oct, 2021

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