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Adapt Tips' recommended plugins

The Adapt framework and authoring tool are built around plugins. You can't avoid using them. And you shouldn't! Making full use of Adapt means choosing good plugins. Basic criteria for plugins Framework compatibility: Determine which framework version your Adapt module will use. This is important even if you are using

Chuck Lorenz Chuck Lorenz
  Updated at  10 Aug, 2021
How to install the alpha release of AT v1.0.0

A video overview of installing the alpha release of the Adapt authoring tool. Covers basic config values and troubleshooting. This release is for testing. It is not a stable, production-ready version.

Chuck Lorenz Chuck Lorenz
  Updated at  30 Jul, 2021
Alpha release of Adapt authoring tool v1.0.0

A new version of the Adapt authoring tool is on its way. The open source Adapt e-learning community announced a public release of the alpha version on 27 July 2021. The typical software release life cycle includes both alpha and beta versions before the release of a stable, production version.

Chuck Lorenz Chuck Lorenz
  Updated at  28 Jul, 2021
How to amend a SCO without the source code

Learn how to modify an Adapt course that exists only as a SCORM package.

Chuck Lorenz Chuck Lorenz
  Updated at  08 Jul, 2021
How do I add a landing page?
How do I add a landing page?

By default, every Adapt page will automatically start on a Menu page. A picture of an Adapt menuHowever, you may want to instead a landing page so that when your course loads, it starts on a specific page. To do this you'll need to use the Start Controller feature. Authoring

Simon Date Simon Date
  Updated at  22 Jun, 2021
How can I download Adapt?

The source code for the Adapt framework and the Adapt authoring tool is hosted on GitHub at

Chuck Lorenz Chuck Lorenz
  Updated at  17 Jun, 2021

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