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The alpha release of the next version of the Adapt authoring tool was made public on 27 July 2021. Read the full announcement in the Adapt technical discussion forum.

The Adapt core developers are seeking help to clean it up. As with any alpha release, there's definitely some bugs. This is NOT a stable, production-ready release. The purpose of getting this out is to have people install it and try it out. Work it hard; "break it." Better to find issues now than after it makes its official debut.

Report issue here: https://github.com/adapt-security/adapt-authoring/issues

No textual installation instructions will be found here. Watch the video instead. But here's a smattering of pointers and tips:

  • Check your versions:
    • node v14.*
    • npm v6.*
    • git v2.*
    • mongoDB v2+
  • If your AT will listen on port 5000, make sure to close any application (such as another authoring tool) before proceeding. Or choose a different port if you must keep it runnning.
  • Make sure Mongo is running.
  • If your installation fails, delete any Mongo database that may have been created in the attempt.

The UI is virtually the same (you'll notice a few tweaks). The point of this revision was not a UI refresh; it was a refresh of the code architecture. It's setting the stage for more effective future development.