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How do I move Hot graphic pins?
How do I move Hot graphic pins?

The Hot graphic (or Hotgraphic) Component is one of the more popular Adapt components. It comes pre-installed with Adapt and brings some unique functionality. However, using it can be quite tricky. This is due to the way that pins have to be placed by using a percentage based value from

Simon Date Simon Date
  Updated at  27 Jul, 2021
10.1 How to add an asset

There are two primary ways of adding an asset to the authoring tool (AT): upload to Asset Management and upload while configuring a plugin. Watch on YouTubeWatch the video at the end of this article or jump to YouTube now! Upload to Asset ManagementAsset Management > Upload new assetClick the hamburger

Chuck Lorenz Chuck Lorenz
  Updated at  02 Apr, 2021
10.2 How to delete an asset

When working in the Adapt authoring tool (AT), all your assets—images, PDFs, videos—get uploaded to one place: Asset Management. There they remain available to all your active courses and sit ready to be deployed in something new. They also sit there long after a course has been exported

Chuck Lorenz Chuck Lorenz
  Updated at  31 Mar, 2021
1.0 How to create a course

This one is really simple. All it takes is two clicks. Watch on YouTubeWatch the video at the end of this article or jump to YouTube now! Start in the authoring tool dashboard. First click: "Add new course" button Second click: "Save" button And with that you have created an

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  Updated at  19 Mar, 2021

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