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Plugin Checklist 2023 Update

We're updating our recommended plugins to reflect some of the new components and extensions that are now available to the Adapt community. Change list General Updated comments Changed recommended FW and AAT version Components Replaced image-juxstapose for Before and after Readded Chat component - Recently been updated to Version 5,

Simon Date Simon Date
  Updated at  09 May, 2023
Adapt plugin review: Branching
Adapt plugin review: Branching

At a glance Repository: adapt-contrib-branching Author: Adapt Core team Type: Extension FW versions: Version 5.7+ AT compatible: yes Fundamentally accessible: yes RTL support: yes Purpose The Branching extension is the Adapt Core team's way of implementing branching functionality into Adapt. Branching is the term used to describe non-linear scenarios

Simon Date Simon Date
  Updated at  29 Jul, 2022
Adapt plugin review: List

"List" is a plugin for the Adapt framework and authoring tool. Learn more about its strengths and weaknesses and how to configure it.

Chuck Lorenz Chuck Lorenz
  Updated at  02 Feb, 2022

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