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A new version of the Adapt authoring tool is on its way. The open source Adapt e-learning community announced a public release of the alpha version on 27 July 2021. The typical software release life cycle includes both alpha and beta versions before the release of a stable, production version. Alpha releases frequently contain errors and should not be used in a production environment.

"v1.0.0 marks the biggest change to the codebase since its initial release in 2015; the culmination of several years at the drawing board redesigning the app architecture from the ground up, laying the foundations for features which simply weren’t possible previously," wrote Tom Taylor, lead developer for the Adapt authoring tool. "We need as many people as possible to install this and give it a thorough going over to identify all the bugs that will inevitably be in there and report them as GitHub issues."

Taylor highlighted four objectives of the revision:

  • To lower the barrier to entry/reduce the overhead of working with core code
  • To facilitate a plug-in based architecture similar to the framework
  • To improve the stability of core code
  • To expose a consistent and reliable public API

Changes have been made to modernize the codebase including the use of ES6, less reliance on third-party libraries such as Underscore.js, and improved conformance to the JSON schema specification.

Developers will be encouraged by a new modular architecture, an expanded API and API documentation.

The revision does not involve a refresh of the user interface. However, the configuration process has been simplified during installation.

Read the full announcement on the Adapt community technical discussion forum.

Watch a video overview of how to install the alpha release.