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In this episode of The Adapt Tips Podcast, Chuck and Simon talk to Tom McDowall. Tom is the owner of Evolve Learning Design, a member of the eLearning Network's board of directors and host of the IDTX conference and the iDeas podcast. In October 2020, Tom created a video guide covering how to install the Adapt Authoring Tool on a computer. It was very popular video with over 4,500 views and 95 likes.

We discuss whether Adapt is a high-end authoring tool or a budget tool. Adapt is the most configurable authoring tool allowing developers to tinker and configure to their hearts content. At the same time, Adapt is totally free to use and download and thus, often gets on the radar of individuals who are looking to break into e-learning and create their first portfolio piece. We consider the duality of it's position in the market and how e-learning teams should think about Adapt.

Tom shares his thought process for which sort of projects might, and might not, be best suited for Adapt. We compare Adapt to some other popular authoring tools, even finding some funny car analogies.

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