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Adapt framework

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Adapt authoring tool

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Which do I want?

You can create e-learning with both the framework and the authoring tool.

The framework is the real power of Adapt. You can create e-learning with it. It is easier to install than the authoring tool. It provides more flexibility than the authoring tool. However, it is a JavaScript application that is run from the command line. That means one must have a level of comfort with code and all things technical in order to use it effectively.

The authoring tool (AT) was created to "lower the bar."  The power of the Adapt framework is wrapped in a graphical user interface. Using the AT requires no more technical skills than using any other commercial authoring tool or office suite. However, installing the authoring tool can be a challenge for someone who does not exercise their technical skills on a regular basis. The AT is a Node app that is meant to be used by teams. It assumes that the team has technical expertise on hand. Adapt does not provide a single binary file that you can execute by clicking on it. The AT can be installed on a personal computer for use by a single user—but that is not the use case targeted by the developers.

If you would like to try out the AT but don't have the technical expertise to install it, turn to commercial providers. Several companies host the authoring tool in the cloud and nearly all offer a free trial.

Lastly, don't think it has to be one or the other. Some companies use a hybrid workflow. Courses are structured and themed in the framework by an e-learning developer. Then the course is imported into the AT for a course author to build out the content.