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How to find the version of an Adapt framework and more

Use these strategies to locate the version number of an Adapt framework, authoring tool, or plugin. Strategies for uncovering the version number... ...of an authoring tool: 1. Login into the Adapt authoring tool. 2. Inspect the application html using the browser's developer tools. ‐ Chrome OS/Windows: Ctrl+Shift+I ‐ Mac

Chuck Lorenz Chuck Lorenz
  Updated at  03 Nov, 2021
How do I find my version number?

While viewing a course that is running... Look for the version in the browser code. You can view or "inspect" the code using the browser's developer tools, often called "devtools" for short. Try these keyboard shortcuts: * F12 (works for most browsers on Windows) * Shift + CTRL + I (works for most browsers

Chuck Lorenz Chuck Lorenz
  Updated at  15 Jun, 2021
Using Grunt in the framework

Quick summary of grunt commands used by the Adapt framework.

Chuck Lorenz Chuck Lorenz
  Updated at  15 Mar, 2021

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