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We're on the edge of the first stable release of the Adapt authoring tool. The open source Adapt e-learning community announced a public release of RC1 on 18 October 2022. Release candidates are typically feature-complete with no known major bugs. However, testing continues, and RC1 should not be used in a production environment.

Tom Taylor, lead developer on the Adapt authoring tool project, said the RC1 version is currently undergoing penetration testing that he hopes will be completed in early November. "Once the results are in, there will be a period of review & bug fixing after which we will be pushing a further release candidate. We expect this second release candidate to be the final release prior to the full v1.0.0 release."

With pride, Taylor has invited the public to join in similarly robust testing, welcoming "early adopters to start using the new codebase in anger." Installation instructions are available on GitHub. Processes for migrating existing installations have not yet been released out of an abundance of caution.