Adapt UI Kit

Available Now: Adapt UI Kit for Adobe XD
Available Now: Adapt UI Kit for Adobe XD

Soon to be released: the Adapt UI Kit for Adobe XD. Build functional prototypes of Adapt courses in record time and with surprising accuracy.

Chuck Lorenz Chuck Lorenz
  Updated at  07 Mar, 2023
The UI Kit announcement

In this episode of The Adapt Tips Podcast, we're making an announcement of a product that we have been working on for at least a year and are ready to start selling to the Adapt community in the next few weeks - The Adapt Tips UI Kit. The UI Kit

Simon Date Simon Date
  Updated at  01 Mar, 2023
The Adapt UI Kit and its resources

The Adapt UI Kit is available here on This page is home to the latest product file and lists of UI Kit resources.

Chuck Lorenz Chuck Lorenz
  Updated at  09 Nov, 2022

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